My name is Ruthie and I’ve built this blog to express some of my gardening dreams.  My projects tend to be messy and I’m not great at finishing things so I’m hoping that as I share my stories it will be great incentive to get things done.  Friends and family seem to think this will be entertaining and a great place to share ideas so here goes… hope you enjoy it!

I love to garden, cook and bake and I’m currently discovering low-carb and paleo ways of cooking.  See… experimenting.  I home school my 3 kiddos in the Nashville Tennessee area and I squeak in as much time in the garden as I can.  My vast gardening space consists of a kitchen garden along the back of our suburban home and two raised beds that I sneaked in under the HOA’s nose.  Don’t tell my husband but I have expansion plans.  My handsome guy loves to garden hot peppers and tomatoes and quite effectively absconded with an entire raised bed last year for his work!  I’m standing my ground this year!  Of course, he’s the one who consistently picks up my slack, waters my parched babies when I forget and generally picks up my slack.

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