Andrew Mellen is My Hero

unstuff_cover_smIt’s been some time since my head was clear enough to think about blogging again. I was about to drop the project permanently but one space has been cleared…. literally.

My sweet husband got me the audio book of Andrew Mellen’s “Unstuff Your Life” a few weeks ago and slowly, yet surely, I am moving through the progress of decluttering and reorganizing our home.

It started with my purse and keys and the mantra…. “A home for everything and like with like.” I know – it’s not rocket science, but it works. I then moved to chapter two and the kitchen. In five hours on a Wednesday afternoon I completely emptied my kitchen cupboards and drawers onto any available surface. I cleaned, sorted and reorganized with purpose and clarity. I prayed it would be worth it!! I fell into bed that night exhausted but hopeful. Maybe this would help my home and mind be a bit clearer of clutter.

Unfortunately, I still have to clean my counters and floors but the amazing thing is that it’s so much easier! Five days later and I’m not shuffling items to get to the counters to clean. My floors are free of things that don’t belong there and my family is helping to keep it that way.

I might have said some unkind things about Mr. Mellen along the way – and ripped off a snarky email in the hight of my disarray – but in the end, I am so thankful. I will complete my last item (the junk drawer) in that room and move on to the office under his wise judgement. Thank you Mr. Mellen!