Cedar Garden Arbor

Qualified assistance at it's best
Qualified assistance at it’s best

I’ve been thinking about building a trellis for awhile.  After planting pumpkin and butternut squash in our two raised beds an

d having them trail up a lovely piece of chicken wire (supported by a broom handle when the fruit got too big) I started thinking of a permanent structure.   As usual, my thoughts went to lofty, complicated and usually expensive solutions involving trips to the depot, digging big holes and concrete.  And I wonder why my husband cringes when I start talking about these things.

Well, my neighbor just finished a cool cedar play set for our local elementary school constructed of reclaimed wood from our local nature center.  I attacked him as he got home one day with a load of extra poles.   He graciously relented to my pleading for enough poles to build my structure.

My three kiddos started their home school day with a lesson in working together as we hauled the poles down the street together to the back yard.

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